Just Passing Through

Fact Sheet

  • Emmy Award nominated
  • One-hour performance documentary
  • Premiered October 1995

A day in the life of touring musicians, featuring Shawn Colvin, Julia Fordham and October Project during day-long stays in Chicago, tracking their movements as they endure the rigorous schedules and demands of touring. Through it all, the artists display the humor and tenacity required by this stressful lifestyle, while acknowledging that they love playing to live crowds and recognize that commercial viability requires long stretches of time on the road.

Related Information

  • Broadcast nationally on PBS member stations
  • Shawn Colvin has made two guest appearances on The Simpsons

Notes and Quotes

You don’t have to be a fan of singer/songwriters Shawn Colvin, Julia Fordham and October Project to enjoy the nifty documentary Just Passing Through... through a combination of deft editing, intelligent questioning and wise subject choice, the filmmakers present a rich and revealing portrait... it’s a vibrant portrait of the artists’ offstage life that almost anybody who’s attended a concert has wondered about.
—Chicago Tribune

Congratulations on a job well done... you’ve captured all the blood, sweat and tears that go into life on the road.
—Ron Fierstein, AGF Entertainment, manager for Shawn Colvin